How To Build A Shed Made Easy!

Utility Pole Building Plans 24′ to 50′ x 64 long


Ten plans on 33 pages for Utility Pole Building and Frame Utility Buildings.  All buildings plans are 64 feet long, with options for 24, 30, 36, 42 and 50 foot widths There is  five plans for a Utility Pole Building and five for a  Frame Utility Building.   Pdf file name:   10 Utility Building Designs Also look at  5780, 5781 and 5782 Pole Barn 39×60, 5794 multi Purpose Pole Barn, 5675 storage archroof, Utility Building 36x64x10, Utility Building 36x64x11, and Utility Building 50x64x10,

                                                              For more plans, click here…”

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