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Before you Build a Shed

Woodworking Projects – Choosing the Right Storage Shed For Your Garden Or Property

With spring comes a time for many exciting endeavors such as getting your home cleaned and organized, gardening as well as various building projects including woodworking projects. One of the most popular woodworking projects is building a storage shed. If you are tinkering about your property, you may have acquired a lot of equipment for which it does not make sense to store in your house. What is a better place to store all these pieces of equipment than in a separate storage shed?

A storage shed can also be used for much more than storing equipment. It can be used as a potting shed for all those with a green thumb. It can be used to store firewood for the colder months to protect it from the elements, and so on and so forth. You will get to decide what to use the shed for.

Whether you are experienced or a novice, woodworking projects are a great activity during the warmer months. As a novice, building a storage shed from start to finish will definitely help to build your confidence and you can then proceed with other woodworking projects around your house or property.

How To Start On Woodworking Projects

The starting point once you decide to build a storage shed is finding the right storage shed plan. But before you obtain a storage shed plan, you need to determine what your requirements are for the storage shed and then find a storage shed plan that lets you meet these requirements.

What will you use the storage shed for? If you have a lot of gardening tools or other pieces of equipment to store, this is a good starting point. You also need to consider not only the equipment you have but also any future purchases you intend to make and take them into consideration before selecting a blueprint and beginning any woodworking projects.

If you build the storage shed for just the current equipment you have, you will not have any room for any other equipment that you purchase later on and you may have to tear down the storage shed you built in order to build a bigger one. Not properly planning for your storage shed will ensure that you waste time and money. Other points to consider include;

A. Location, Location, Location

With woodworking projects, you also have to decide where you shall build the shed. Will there be enough room? Do you want it hidden away or visible to all? If you want the storage shed tucked away, while it may be difficult to get to, the main advantage is that you will be able to use a basic building plan as you will not need a state of the art building since it will not be visible to many. A simple storage shed will do in this case.

If on the other hand, the storage shed will be visible to many, you will want to use a fancier building plan so that it will complement your property. This will also allow you to increase the value of your property in case you plan on selling at some point in the future. Which potential property owner will say no to extra storage space?

B. Budget

You will also need to determine how much you are willing to spend on this project while also ensuring that the budget has a little wiggle room because no matter how great your plan is, there will always be some unexpected occurrences and the budget needs to be able to absorb these hiccups in the building plan.

At a minimum, the budget should include how much you plan to spend on tools, materials, any additional labor if needed, etc. Do your research to ensure that you get the best prices on the materials and labor.

The above are only a few questions to ask yourself when deciding on building a shed. While you can create your own building plan if you know what you are doing, for many people, thankfully, there are many building plans that are available both online and offline to help you with your woodworking projects.

While free storage shed plans certainly sounds attractive, it is important to know that since they are free, they may not include everything that you need and may not be that well developed and you will get what you pay for (or do not pay for.) This may lead to frustration and you may need to purchase a professionally drawn up plan anyway to correct the mistakes encountered with the free shed plan.

Storage shed plans that you pay for are usually developed by professionals and will usually include everything that you need for successful completion of the project. Paid plans will usually provide step by step guidance that is easy to follow, a list of materials and tools, whether you need a building permit, and so forth, to help you decide whether it will meet all your needs….More at Woodworking Projects – Choosing the Right Storage Shed For Your Garden Or Property



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James Forte gives the potential Shed Builder straightforward food for thought.  He is right when he says that free plans can be incomplete and lead to frustration, especially for the novice.  I have carefully reviewed various Shed Plans offered in My Shed Plans, and found many that are detailed enough for most of us to build a satisfying project from beginning to end.  The My Shed Plans package offers nice garages, and many other different styles of storage buildings as well as some simple cabins and A-Frames.  It is nice to have a handful of options to compare and contrast when looking for the plan that meets your needs.  Find out more by watching the video above for My Shed Plans.  James Forte also has more to say on his Woodworking Projects website.

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